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Elati's Wrath by Myst-the-Wicked Elati's Wrath by Myst-the-Wicked
This is a sketch of Tia's final costume from Fatesbane: Lords of the Sea. She wears a shorter skirt underneath so when she needs to drop the 'noble lady' act and start fighting, she can move freely. And yes, she's actually wearing heeled boots.

With the world evolving into a steampunk era, her clothes are starting to match with the times. She has come a long way from book one where she wore an old fashioned Victorian-like dress with trousers underneath. Now that it's getting more acceptable to wear shorter skirts, she can embrace her feminine side a little more. Her only issue before was that she was too active to be tied down to a long, fancy dress. Though in Tia's defense, she wouldn't be wearing the latest trends if Satel wasn't going out there to buy her the clothes. He just likes dressing her up (or he just likes seeing her naked before dressing her up). :XD:

I didn't put her tattoos on her in fear that her armband ones would make it hard to see the ribbon bands on the shirt. The see-through white areas are supposed to be lace, but I kind of like how the brush texture made it look like fish scales- appropriate for a seafaring pirate. I might end up changing the description to reflect that. As for the bottle around her neck, it's supposed to be clear, but I figured she could use a little color with the attire and colored it sea foam green. Please excuse the rather crappy rapier blade. I always have a hard time drawing straight lines for swords.

Tia and the Fatesbane series belong to :iconmyst-the-wicked:. Please do not steal my work.
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August 30, 2014
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